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Watch: Specially-Abled Food Delivery Agent Wins Internets Heart

Watch: Specially-Abled Food Delivery Agent Wins Internets Heart


In today’s era, food delivery is absolute bliss. Many of us don’t get the time to cook because of our busy lifestyles. And if not that, some of us might not be that great a cook to make everything ourselves. So, during these times or when you wish to devour something delicious in the comfort of your home- food delivery comes in handy. However, the one thing many of us don’t realise while getting our food delivered is the effort it takes for an agent to reach our home. No matter the season or the time, you will find a delivery agent working hard any day. Recently, a video of a specially-abled Zomato food delivery agent caught the attention of many people.

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In a video uploaded on Instagram by user @groming_bulls, we can see a Zomato food delivery agent in a motorised wheelchair. As he is making his way for the delivery, he has food packed behind in a box. In the video, the user has written, “Nothing is impossible; the word itself says I’m possible.” Take a look at the video here:

Ever since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 977K times, has 136K likes, and more than 500 comments! Many people were impressed with his hard work. One person commented, “This is the biggest inspiration for us. Brother, big salute to you.” Another person wrote, “God bless him with everything.” Someone also mentioned, “I am proud of you. Salute and respect to you, sir. God bless you!”

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Many others have also appreciated Zomato for hiring specially-abled persons. One person wrote, “A salute to the service of Zomato for giving the job to a differently abled man.” Another user wrote, “Respect to Zomato supervisor who gave him a job.” Someone also mentioned, “This is super inspiring, but there is no need to thank Zomato for giving a job to specially-abled individuals. Thank them for working towards normalising disability and not treating it as a disease.”

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