Watch: The Hilarious Moment When A Cheese Slice Stopped This Baby From Crying


If there’s one category of content that the internet unanimously adores, it has to be baby videos. There are clips all over the internet of cute toddlers doing all sorts of antics. Recently, a video of a baby polishing off an entire chicken wing by himself had gone viral. The foodie toddler didn’t leave even a scrape of chicken on the bone in the clip that raked in over 2 million views. And now, another baby is taking the internet by storm. A recent video on Reddit showed the funny moment when a cute baby stopped crying after a cheese slice was put on his head. Take a look at the hilarious video here:

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The video was shared on Reddit by user u/kriskirby86 on the sub-Reddit r/MadeMeSmile. The baby video has garnered over 52 upvotes and thousands of comments as well. In the 15-second clip, the little infant was bawling for a couple of seconds until a cheese slice was popped onto his bald head. The bizarre action took him by surprise and he instantly stopped crying!

Reddit users were in splits after seeing the hilarious moment in the video. Many said that this was an incredibly creative solution to the baby’s crying and they would try it with their children too. Some foodies also said that cheese cheered them up even today.

Take a look at some reactions:

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