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Watch: This Thanksgiving Feast Inside NYC Subway Coach Is Wholesome

Watch: This Thanksgiving Feast Inside NYC Subway Coach Is Wholesome


It came and it went in a jiffy. Yes, folks you got that right. We are talking about Thanksgiving Day. While the smell of roasted turkey can still be found in the air, the laughter of family and friends continues to echo in our ears. After all, Thanksgiving is all about good food and great company. Isn’t it? Family gatherings and friend outings might be common during this period, but organising a food haul in the middle of a subway coach for a bunch of random commuters? Strange but it happened in reality. Recently, a video surfaced on the Internet that shows a group of people hosting a grand Thanksgiving feast inside a New York City subway. 
The heartwarming video showcased a giant table placed in between the passage of the subway coach. The organisers served free dishes to the passengers who all seemed happy to munch on their favourite items. From gooey mac and cheese pasta to scrumptious curries, crispy bread, and an array of salads — you name a food item and it was available on the table waiting to be gorged upon. Oh, there was an assortment of beverages too for the customers to drink up after a hearty meal. How satisfying! 
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The person recording the wholesome moment inside the coach could not resist trying the delicacies. She helped herself to a plate of food and Coke. Thankful for the amazing arrangement, the woman upheld the Thanksgiving tradition. Before stepping out from the coach she waved the friendly group of organisers goodbye thanking them for such an amazing display of hospitality.
Don’t be surprised by the makeshift food arrangement in the New York City subway as one such incident occurred in India too. Not long ago, two vloggers — Aryan Kataria and Sarthak Sachdeva decided to set up a unique dining experience for passengers traveling in the Mumbai local — a train known for its heavy, overflowing commuters. Some of the food items that were served included Maggi noodles with ketchup, oregano-sprinkled jalebi, and lip-smacking chocolate desserts. Simply wow!
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