Watch | This Unique Basil Pesto Sauce Adds In The Goodness Of Spinach (Recipe Video)


Watch | This Unique Basil Pesto Sauce Adds In The Goodness Of Spinach (Recipe Video)

Basil and pesto sauce reicpe is a must-try.

When you want some healthy element in your favourite pasta dishes or pizza, you can always go for pesto sauce. This green sauce is made with basil leaves, combined with other ingredients like garlic, cheese, pine nuts or walnuts, olive oil and black pepper powder. All the ingredients are blended together in a mixer to make a smooth paste. Then, this pesto sauce is used as the base for pasta or is used to smear the pizza base. Pesto sauce is quite popular among Italian food aficionados. But here we have a unique pesto sauce recipe that adds in another nutrient-rich food – spinach.

Basil and spinach pesto sauce brings us more flavours, more nutrients and more zing. Everything is extra in this sauce, and it’s all good. We found this recipe video shared by food vlogger Manjula’s Kitchen and her YouTube channel ‘Manjula’s Kitchen’. This basil and spinach pesto sauce can also be used to toss in your salads to make sandwiches or to pour on grilled vegetables. In fact, you can simply use it as a dip also for your chips and other finger snacks.

Here’s the step-by-step recipe of basil and spinach pesto sauce:

Step 1- Grind two cups of basil leaves and a half cup of spinach in a mixer-grinder or a food processor, along with some pine nuts, black pepper powder, lemon juice and salt to taste.

Step 2 – Blend till you get a smooth but coarse paste.

Step 3 – Then add about 1/4 cup olive oil and blend again till you get a smooth paste.

Step 4 – Scrape the sides of the grinder jar and take out the sauce in a container. Your basil spinach pesto sauce is ready.

You can adjust the quantity of the ingredients or spices or even oil as per your preference. You can also add grated cheese while grinding if you want to.

Watch the full recipe video of basil and spinach pesto sauce here:

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