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Watch: Video From Surat Factory Capturing Making Of Roasted Chana

Watch: Video From Surat Factory Capturing Making Of Roasted Chana


Lately, videos capturing the preparation of munching snacks like salted peanuts and green matar among others are going viral on social media. The latest one to join the list is roasted chana. Popular in Indian households, roasted chana, also known as bhuna chana, helps in managing weight and is loaded with health-benefiting properties. Roasted chana with an outer shell provides a good amount of fibre and protein, which keeps you full for longer hours. It also reduces the overall calorie intake. However, the video showcasing the making of roasted chana disappointed the internet.
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The video features the roasted chana being cleaned and processed through various machines in a Surat factory. Next, the workers are seen adding some salt water to a batch of roasted chana and mixing it evenly. It is sealed in bags and ready to be dispatched. 

Notably, the factory where it is prepared doesn’t adhere to proper hygiene practices. The workers are not wearing gloves, and the equipment is also visibly dirty. 

In the caption, the food blogger wrote, “Chakna making.” 

Instagram users are disappointed with the un-hygienic approach to making the roasted chana. A user wrote, “Namak ki zarurat kya hai, pasina itna mix ho gaya (There is no need for salt, the sweat is already getting mixed).” Another person said, “Workers ka hath dekho kitna ganda hai (The hands of workers are so dirty).”

Check out the video here: 

Before this, a video showcasing the process of making green matar was disapproved by the Internet. The clip captured how fried chickpeas are dipped in artificial colouring, and no hygienic practices are followed while making the snack. It begins with a man removing soaked chickpeas from a container. He sprinkled powdered artificial colour on top of the chickpeas and mixed it all together with his bare hands. Next, he spreads the coloured peas on a plastic sheet placed on the ground under the sun, allowing the chickpeas to soak in the colour. The video clocked over 22 million views on Instagram. Read the full story here.


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