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Watch: Video Of Noodles Being Made In Factory Will Shock You

Watch: Video Of Noodles Being Made In Factory Will Shock You


You would agree that nothing compares to noodles. Come rain or shine, digging into a bowl of noodles (even soupy) is the epitome of comfort food. They come in many forms and can be prepared in a number of ways with a plethora of ingredients to make lip-smacking delicious treats. You can prepare noodles at home or relish them at a fine dining restaurant, but nothing beats the taste of the noodles which are sold on roadside eateries. Foodies have a soft spot for street-style noodles and for all the good reasons. However, this video will make you think twice before indulging into this yummy delicacy. 

The clip shows how noodles are made from scratch with workers carelessly managing the procedure without appropriate equipment and hygiene. From handling the dough with bare hands to placing them in dirty containers and throwing them on the dirty floor, the clip revealed the unhygienic face of the noodles you relish on the street. Tweeting the video, a user asked, “When was the last time you had roadside Chinese Hakka noodles with Schezwan sauce?”

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Watch the video:


The video received much attention on Twitter. While some people sarcastically termed it the “most hygienic noodle-making process”, many came out in its defense. 

A user was “100% certain the same hygienic conditions exist for all kitchens in Delhi.” “If you truly know how your food (golgappas, kulchas, bhel puris and not limited to noodles shown here) is mass produced you would literally stop eating most of it! Ever know what the cows eat for milk?” he added. 

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Twitter also quizzed the user, who shared the clip, on how he was sure that the noodles in the video were only used by roadside vendors and not 5-star restaurants. 

Some dismissed the unhealthy factor all-together. They stated how the bacteria gets killed once the noodles are boiled and cooked in high-temperature oil.  “Boil ho ke sab theek ho jaata hai. (Once it gets boiled, it will be good to eat) No tension,” a user wrote. 

Another tweet read: “Waise bhi these noodles are boiled and then stir fried in oil so I’m sure no organism or pathogen can survive so much heat. Have fun with chowmein & Chinese bhel.”

However, a section of the internet was taken aback. One person wrote, “No wonder, whenever I ate them my stomach and throat was upset….” 

“World’s most hygienic noodle making process. Noodles comes with tasty masala powder and diarrhea,” another tweet read. 

Would you still devour noodles prepare in roadside eateries?

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