Watch: Video Shows How Veg Seekh Kebabs Are Made, Internet Is Divided


From veg biryani and soya chaap to veg korma, the culinary world has witnessed numerous vegetarian variants of non-vegetarian dishes. There is no denying that such foods often spark a debate about whether the concept of vegetarian versions is entirely valid, as these dishes were originally meat-based. This debate was once again brought to life after a video clip went viral, showcasing the preparation of veg seekh kebab. The video, shared by a food vlogger on Instagram, has left the internet divided. We can’t guarantee you the taste, but you might cringe upon observing the hygiene elements.
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The clip opens with a vendor mashing several boiled potatoes in a container. Next, he adds chopped carrots, capsicums, coriander, and beans. After crumbling cottage cheese on top, he mixes it all together, then sprinkles salt, turmeric, and the remaining spices onto the mixture. Once he thoroughly mixes everything, the man is seen skewering the mixture onto a rod that will go into the tandoor. Although it resembled an authentic seekh kebab, the internet speculated that it might taste more like an aloo tikki. In the following slide, he is seen serving it with sliced onions and green mint chutney. Take a look:

The video quickly went viral and elicited a multitude of reactions. One comment read, “Veg kebab? Kebab is a non-veg item, why do vegetarians adopt non-vegetarian food names?” and concluded with a collection of laughing emoticons. Many explained that the term “kebab” traditionally refers to meat, and while it can have a vegetarian variation, a user pointed out, “Kebab means meat; it doesn’t have a vegetarian variant.”
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Another comment read, “Bahut mehnat lagi hai par taste to aloo ki tikki jaisa hi hoga. (A lot of effort has been put in, but the taste will likely be similar to a potato tikki.)” A few individuals highlighted the hygiene aspect and wrote, “He could have used a potato masher.” One user also noted, “Using the left hand as well.”

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