Home HEALTH & FITNESS Watch: Viral Video Shows How Salted Green Matar Is Made; Internet Is Not Impressed

Watch: Viral Video Shows How Salted Green Matar Is Made; Internet Is Not Impressed

Watch: Viral Video Shows How Salted Green Matar Is Made; Internet Is Not Impressed


Who doesn’t like munching on snacks? Whether it’s chips or wafers, snacks have always been our go-to options. In the midst of a busy workday or a lazy evening at home, a packet of our favourite snacks has the power to lift our mood. Well, we must add that the process of making your favourite snack is not a pleasant sight at all. We have a video that will break your heart. The video showcases the process of making green matar. This clip has led the internet to reconsider their snacking choices. Did you know that fried chickpeas are dipped in artificial colouring? And that’s not all. The place where it is prepared doesn’t adhere to proper hygiene practices. You won’t find any of the workers wearing gloves. The video, which has close to 10 million views, came to light after a food vlogger shared it on her Instagram page.
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The text on the clip reveals that the makers prepare approximately 120 kg of this snack at once. The caption read, “120 kg salted green matar making.” The clip begins with a man removing soaked chickpeas from a tank-like container. We urge you to pay extra attention to the colour of the water. In the next step, the man can be seen sprinkling powdered artificial colour on top of the chickpeas and mixing it all together, using his bare hands. He then transfers the green-coloured chickpeas into a bucket-like container. Next, he spreads the coloured peas on a plastic sheet placed on the ground under the sun, presumably to allow the colour to soak in. You can watch the full video here:

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The final step involves centrifuging the prepared peas to remove excess oil. Just in case you’re wondering, this process takes place in Assam. The video has left many people pondering over their childhood snacking choices. Numerous commenters admitted that until now, they had believed the peas were naturally green.

A user commented, “My entire childhood is ruined now. I always believed that these peas were naturally green.” Some users highlighted both pros and cons, as one comment read, “The downside is that they add food colouring to it. The upside is that they centrifuge the excess oil from the fried matar.” A user exclaimed, “Green matar is actually coloured green? Woah.” A few also made the decision, “I will never eat this again.”

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