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Watch: Waiter Carries Tower Of Dosa; Anand Mahindra Impressed With His Skill

Watch: Waiter Carries Tower Of Dosa; Anand Mahindra Impressed With His Skill


Waiting for tables is not as easy as it looks. Interacting with patrons, carrying orders and serving seamlessly need enough skill and patience. It seems industrialist Anand Mahindra totally agrees with it. He recently took to Twitter to share a video featuring a skilled waiter, carrying orders in a restaurant. In over a two-minute video, we could see the waiter carrying a tower of dosa plates from the kitchen to the serving area. Guess how many dosas were stacked together? Not one or two, there were a total of 16 plates of dosas! You heard us. Reportedly, the video was taken at one of the most popular South Indian restaurants in Bangalore, Vidyarthi Bhavan, catering to people since 1943.

From preparing dosas to carrying them to the tables, the job was done with finesse. “We need to get ‘Waiter Productivity’ recognised as an Olympic sport. This gentleman would be a contender for Gold in that event,” Mahindra captioned the post. Here’s the tweet for you:

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The post in no time went viral on social media, garnering more than one million views, almost 29k likes and thousands of comments.

“He’s got a good understanding of Physics and thermodynamics in how the plates are carefully placed both for balance and to prevent his hands from scalding,” wrote a person in the comments section. Another comment read, “Ah…This is Vidhyarthi Bhavan in Bangalore. The best dosas Sir…you must try.” A third comment read, “And to remember who ordered dosa among soo many people…his memory power should also be appreciated!”

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Another person commented, “This is @VidyarthiBhavan, Bengaluru. We need to wait more than two hours in the weekend to get a seat inside the hotel. Taste is Awesome.”

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