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Weekend Special: 5 Quick And Easy Goan Snacks You Must Try This Weekend

Weekend Special: 5 Quick And Easy Goan Snacks You Must Try This Weekend


Goa is one of the most loved holiday destinations in India. From its scenic beaches to Portuguese-style houses, and of course its lip-smacking food – Goa has a lot to offer! Goan cuisine involves a wide usage of coconut, fish, spices, kokum and rice, which also reflects in its wide range of snacks. And what better way to understand a culture than relishing its delicacies? So, if you’re curious to try out Goan cuisine and have guests coming over this weekend, then these snacks are definitely worth a try! They are not only delicious but also don’t take much time to prepare. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the list. 

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Here’re 5 Quick And Easy Goan Snack Recipes To Try At Home:

1. Goan Chicken Croquettes


Let’s admit, anything that is fried is extremely delicious. And if it has chicken, then it is definitely a bonus. These Goan chicken croquettes offer exactly that! They are super crispy and taste best when paired with mint mayonnaise. Wondering how to make them? Recipe here.

2. Chicken Cutlet Pao


A snack straight from the streets of Goa, this chicken cutlet pao has crispy deep-fried chicken cutlet which is eaten with local Goan Poee bread. If you are looking for a non-vegetarian variant of Bombay’s vada pao, then you should definitely try this. Click here for the recipe.

3. Goan Nevri


Goan nevri, also known as karanji, is a sweet Goan snack usually prepared during Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi. It is made with maida or refined flour and has a stuffing of sugar, poppy seeds, coconut, almonds, and cardamom. Find the recipe here.

4. Rava Fried Fish


If you are a fan of fish, then you will definitely love this Goan rava fried fish. It crispy from the outside and juicy and tender from the inside. You can make this yummy snack in just under 30 minutes. Serve it with some homemade green chutney to relish its taste.  Click here for the recipe.

5. Chemeen Thoren

Scrumptious marinated prawns are infused with the flavours of garlic, chilli, and turmeric. These prawns are cooked with flavoursome spices and served hot. If you are looking for a snack which is filling, then go for Chemeen Thoren. Recipe here.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out these delicious snacks at home and let us know which one was your favourite in the comments below. 

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