Weekend Special: 7 Healthy Homemade Burgers Recipes For Guilt-Free Indulgence


Even in the phase of our newfound love for sushi and ramen, burgers still hold firm ground in the list of our favourites. Long before pizza took over, it was a burger we would crave on our cheat days and special days like weekends. But, now if your health-driven mind had dwindled its presence in your menu, why not make healthier versions of it? As we touch the much-awaited weekend, let’s sate our burger craving with healthier recipes that will make you and your family happy. Here we have some awesome healthy burger ideas that offer a mix of both health and taste. 

The first thing to make a burger healthier is by swapping the buns with healthier options like wheat buns. Then instead of deep frying the patty, shallow fry or bake it. And ensure that the filling of the burger is full of nutrition. Replacing mayonnaise and cheese with hummus, pesto, hung curd and other such sauces is also a good idea. 

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Here’re 7 Healthy Burgers Recipes You Must Try: 

1. Lentil-Mushroom Burger 

Your weekend lunch will be sorted with this meal full of proteins from lentils and other nutrients from low-cal mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes. Click here for the recipe.  


2. Chicken Feta Cheese With Salad Burger 

The idea of serving a salad to your family is quite settling for your mind. And if the salad comes in multigrain buns along with protein-rich chicken and a healthier cheese option, it makes everyone happy. Try this recipe for sure

3. Black Bean With Hung Curd Burger 

Who needs the high-fat heavy mayonnaise and cheese when we are getting the refreshing yet creamy curd. Combined with black bean, bell pepper, corns and spices stuffed in multigrain buns, this burger is not to be missed. Here’s the recipe

4. Sausage Pepper Burger 

Sausages and onion are stir-fried in a sweet and tangy sauce made of soy sauce, chilli sauce, rosemary and some honey. Combine with bell peppers, ginger and garlic and stuff between wheat buns for a hearty meal. Click here for the recipe.  

5. Kodo Millet Burger 

A never-seen-before patty made of millet and lots of greens, topped with salsa, hummus and lettuce – this burger screams indulgence in every way. Click here for the recipe

6. Chickpea Burger 

This protein-rich veg burger is simple to make. Soak chole overnight and grind with ginger and garlic to make a paste. Make patties with it and grill or pan fry. Click here for the detailed recipe.  

7. Chilli Burger With Pepper Relish 

This recipe will let you have burgers to your heart’s content without any second thoughts. Red chillies with meat, bean paste, breadcrumbs, parsley and egg are used to make patties that are shallow fried. This recipe is a must-try. 

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We don’t know anyone who doesn’t love burgers. Now you all can dig into some juicy, crunchy, hefty burgers at home without any guilt  

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