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Weekend Special: Tasty South Indian-Style Chicken 65 Burger Recipe

Weekend Special: Tasty South Indian-Style Chicken 65 Burger Recipe


Just thinking of a big juicy burger will make you hungry. Burgers are a popular snack all around the world. However, they aren’t just a snack anymore, people love the soft buns with rich filling so much that they have made it their go-to breakfast, lunch and dinner meal. It’s easy to pack and carry it along for travelling too. However, the chicken 65 burger isn’t anything like the original American-style burger. This one is a fusion of American and Indian recipes. What makes this burger different from any other burger is the filling which is made in traditional South Indian style.

Chicken 65 is a famous dry chicken dish from the southern part of India. The chicken is marinated in a rich batter of regional spices from the south side. It’s then deep fried till it’s crispy from outside and tender from inside. The fried chicken is then tossed in coconut oil, curry leaves and many other spices. So, let’s make burger with a twist and incorporate the desi chicken 65 in American burger buns.

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How To Make Burgers At Home?


Prepare soft homemade buns. Photo Credit: istock

Let’s begin with making homemade burger buns. These are fresh and softer than the store-bought buns. For making the dough, you can either use refined flour or wheat flours. To prepare a soft dough, take a big bowl and add flour in it. After this add yeast, salt and sugar, and mix the dry ingredients nicely. In another bowl, beat an egg and add it in the flour. Now slowly, add milk or water to knead the dough. Ensure that the dough is not too loose or too tight. Bind it well and cover it with a kitchen cloth. Now let it sit aside. Meanwhile, pre-heat your oven. The take small dough balls and let them bake for 20 minutes on 190-200 degrees. You can follow this recipe for ingredients and steps. Click here.

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Can We Use Store-Bought Burger Buns?

Yes, if someone does not have an oven at home, they can use store-bought burgers for this recipe. With premade burgers, this recipe will take less time to prepare. However, freshly-baked buns have a different flavour than the store-bought ones. But it is okay to use any of them, as per your convenience.

Is Chicken 65 Burger Healthy To Eat?


Chicken 65 is dry chicken dish eaten as an appetiser. Photo Credit: istock

No, chicken 65 burger is not a healthy dish. As a lot of oil, sugar, and salt is used in making of the filling and buns. However, it is not unhealthy either, if you eat this once in a while. The burger has chicken filling which is rich in proteins and veggies to balance down the carbs and fats in it the chicken. In case you have health issues, it’s better to avoid eating this dish.

For the full recipe, click here.

Prepare this delectable meal for your loved ones over the weekend, and let us know their feedback in our comment section below.


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