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Weight Loss: How To Make Barley Soup To Lose Weight

Weight Loss: How To Make Barley Soup To Lose Weight


Trying to lose weight or not, it is important to feed your body with different types of healthy foods. The right kind of nutrient, eaten at the right time of the day, helps us stay nourished from within. Experts suggest including enough water, seasonal fruits, vegetables, dal etc in our everyday meals. Besides, it is important to load up on cereals too. One such nutrient-enriched cereal option is barley. Also referred to as jau in Hindi, it is considered one of the oldest grains available in India. Barley is commonly used to make beer and bread and often works as a healthy rice alternative. Some people use barley to make soups and salads as well. Here, we bring you one such soup recipe that can be a great option to add to your daily meal.

Is Barley Soup Healthy For You?

Barley soup makes for a super healthy meal, thanks to the rich nutrient profile of the cereal. According to the book ‘Healing Foods’ by DK Publishing, barley is loaded with fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals that help promote good digestion, healthy bowel movement and promote overall gut health. This further helps us shed some extra kilos. Let us elucidate further.

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Barley For Weight Loss: 5 Benefits Of Barley Soup For Weight Loss:


As mentioned earlier, barley is a storehouse of dietary fibres. It helps you keep full for longer, thereby preventing cravings and untimely hunger pangs. These factors further help us shed extra kilos.


The very idea of weight loss instantly reminds us of protein. Experts suggest including a good amount of protein in a weight-loss diet. Barley contains water-soluble proteins that break down in the body easily. It is not only great for our health but also helps us feel full for a long.

3.Keeps You Hydrated:

Several studies have proved the link between hydration and weight loss. Proper hydration helps us detox and lose belly fat. This is where barley soup comes to the rescue. The good amount of electrolytes and minerals in the soup makes it a perfect drink to keep up the water balance in the body.

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4.Manage Blood Sugar:

As per Consultant nutritionist, Rupali Datta, increased insulin levels may lead to fat storage and weight gain. It is hence important to manage blood sugar for healthy living. Barley soup is a low glycemic beverage with high fibre and negligible fat. As a result, it helps to manage blood sugar levels, further preventing weight gain.

5.Promote Gut Health:

As we all know, a healthy gut is key to overall good health. The dietary fibres in barley help promote digestion, metabolism and bowel movement, making it ideal for gut health.

Barley Soup Recipe: How To Make Barley Soup For Weight Loss:

  • Heat one teaspoon oil in a pressure cooker and add garlic, chilli and onion. Saute everything well.
  • To it, add barley, moong dal, carrot, beans and cauliflower. Add salt, haldi, water and pressure cook.
  • Once done, transfer it to a bowl, add ghee, black pepper and salt and relish. Click here for the full recipe.

For more such healthy barley-based recipes, click here.

Eat healthy, stay fit.

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