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What To Do With Lemon Peel? Use It In These Amazing Ways To Enhance Your Meals

What To Do With Lemon Peel? Use It In These Amazing Ways To Enhance Your Meals


We have long recognised the value of incorporating leaves, roots, peels, and even seeds into our daily meals. Our ancestors, wise and experienced, would often emphasise the significance of consuming ingredients with their natural skins intact. Surprisingly, the peels of most fruits and vegetables are not only digestible but also enhance the nutritional value of the entire meal by providing an additional fibre boost. While some fruits like apples and certain vegetables such as gourds or potatoes are traditionally consumed with their peels, there are peels of many other foods that can enhance our meals. And that includes lemon peels!

Is it good to eat lemon peels?

Just like how lemon juice is an important part of our everyday diet, lemon peels also make for a wonderful culinary delight. The zesty peel brims with eclectic flavours and nutritional properties, which make it a must-try addition to our diet with good reason.
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What Are Lemon Peels Good For? Here’re Some Health Benefits Of Lemon Peels:

Lemon peels are mostly destined for the trash bin. You must know about these various health benefits that you might miss out on –

  • Lemon peels, brimming with Vitamin C, bolster our immunity to fight off common illnesses.
  • Bioflavonoids present in lemon peels support bone health, combat stress, and eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Lemon peels contain antibacterial components that ward off cavities and support oral health.
  • Lemon peels are full of flavonoids that help manage heart health and even regulate blood sugar levels.
  • The fibre content in lemon peels helps foods to digest easily, keeping out gut health and facilitating weight loss in the process.

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How To Use Lemon Peels In Our Diet:

1. Grate It:

Grating some zest and adding it to salads, soups, and desserts is a simple and effective method to enhance the flavour of your meals and add some freshness to them.

2. Blend it:

Numerous recipes call for the inclusion of dried lemon peels, adding depth and complexity to the flavours. You can blend lemon peels with preservatives like oil, butter, or sugar to create a variety of culinary concoctions like pickles, sauces and dips.

3. Spread It:

Combining lemon peels with aromatic herbs like rosemary can yield a delightful infusion. Creating a blend of herbs, peel, and everyday butter adds a tangy twist to your spreads.

4. Dry And Powder It:

Dried and powdered lemon peel can be added as an ingredient in non-vegetarian preparations, desserts, cocktails, and even homemade spice blends. If you want to a dash of lemony flavour in your dish. Just add the powder like a regular spice.

5. Drink It:

A comforting cup of steaming tea with a hint of lemon peel combined with honey and a touch of cinnamon is guaranteed to soothe your soul. Just drop the peel into the brewing tea and strain it to drink it.
Lemon peels offer many exciting possibilities to enhance your daily meals. Apart from infusing your dishes with a refreshing burst of flavour, they also contribute to your health, all while promoting waste reduction.


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