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What To Not Order At Team Lunches: Top 5 Foods To Avoid

What To Not Order At Team Lunches: Top 5 Foods To Avoid


Imagine this: you are out at lunch with your boss and team. The food arrives after a long wait during which you felt forced to make small talk. You are overjoyed to finally get to eat. You dig in carefully, but it’s noodles and gravy – they are difficult to manoeuvre, after all. As you try to wrangle them onto your fork, a splash of sauce stains your white shirt. This is not a detergent ad, so there are no magically quick ways to fix this situation. You can try to get the stain out later, but you have embarrassed yourself already. Such accidents happen, but it is best to avoid them altogether. You can avoid uncomfortable situations like this by simply being more careful about what you choose to eat. By making strategic decisions about what to order at team lunches, you can ensure that you maintain your professional image and manage to connect meaningfully with your colleagues. Here are 5 foods you should especially stay away from during business meals:

5 Foods To Avoid at Team Lunches:

1. Burgers

While some burgers are relatively flat, they still contain hazards like unevenly spread sauces. Moreover, unlike regular fast food chains, dine-in restaurants nowadays pride themselves on crafting enormous burgers with multiple layers. There is no way to eat such a dish without drawing too much attention. Your best bet is to stick to foods that are always easy to handle.


Most burgers are messy to eat in a professional setting. Photo Credit: iStock

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2. Noodles and Spaghetti

When trying a new restaurant, many of us prefer to order familiar dishes out of habit. However, pause and reflect on whether these dishes are easy to eat in front of a company. Noodles and spaghetti are common choices, but they are usually slick with oil, gravy or sauce. This makes it difficult to not only pick them up but also put them in your mouth without slurping. Even basic manners dictate that noises while eating are a big no-no. This is also the reason why you must stay away from tacos during such meals.


It is difficult to eat Spaghetti without slurping. Photo Credit: iStock

3. Bone-based meat

Bone-based meat or fish is another category you must avoid. You will be obliged to use your hands to do justice to them, which can quickly get messy. Their juices may spread all over your hands. Moreover, some of these dishes have a distinct smell that others may not like. Opt for boneless preparations wherever possible, or simply choose vegetarian dishes.
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Meat on bones are difficult to handle and may have a strong aroma. Photo Credit: iStock

4. Specific salads

You might be wondering what’s wrong with salads. After all, they usually contain minimal liquids, so they won’t cause stains. The vegetables are already cut, so you don’t have to worry about that either. Moreover, they are specially made to be eaten with cutlery and not one’s hands. But some salads are risky because they may contain ingredients like big leaves, which are hard to chew elegantly. Moreover, some greens like broccoli often get stuck in your teeth. This implies one more scenario where you embarrass yourself. Hence, be careful before ordering a salad.
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Some veggies are more likely to get stuck in your teeth. Photo Credit: iStock

5. Onions and garlic

Onion and garlic form the base for many Indian dishes and are also served on the side in the form of rings or chutney. But beware of them as they can lead to bad breath after eating. Thus, say no to the garlic bread and kanda pakodas (pyaaz pakoda or onion fritters). When you’re not sure, ask the waiter if a particular dish has onion/ garlic or if there’s a Jain preparation available. You can also request that they specifically be removed from your dish. For instance, if you’ve ordered a kebab or tikka roll, ask that capsicums be substituted for onions. Remember that people are generally seated very close to each other at team lunches and bad breath can quickly create an unfavourable impression. It is best to stay away from such foods completely, as you will not have the chance to pop breath mints in between courses.
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Garlic can lead to foul breath and hence must be avoided during business meals. Photo Credit: iStock

Keep in mind that these meals are about networking and not food. You can always enjoy your favourite dishes later. Even when food-based accidents are not humiliating, they can cost you time and opportunities for professional growth.

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