“Where Were You When…”: M Kharge Slams KCR Over Indira Gandhi Remarks


'Where Were You When...': M Kharge Slams KCR Over Indira Gandhi Remarks

KCR would not answer this but only abuses “sitting along with (PM) Modi”, he said.


Taking strong exception to Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s criticism against the rule of former PM Indira Gandhi, AICC president Mallikarjun Kharge asked where Mr Rao was when pathbreaking schemes like mid-day meals and green revolution were carried out.

Mr Kharge, who addressed public meetings at Nalgonda and Alampur on Wednesday, lashed out at Mr Rao over his comments against the Congress party’s promise to bring back ‘Indiramma Rajyam’, the welfare rule of Indira Gandhi, in Telangana.

He said the green revolution, 20-point programme and other such major pro-poor programmes were carried out during Indira Gandhi’s regime, besides the liberation of Bangladesh.

“This KCR abuses even Indira Gandhi. KCR asks about poverty during Indira Gandhi’s rule. Where were you when the green revolution and mid-day meal happened and what were you doing,” he said.

KCR would not answer this but only abuses “sitting along with (PM) Modi”, he said.

Addressing an election rally on Tuesday, KCR said Congress leaders promise to bring back ‘Indiramma Rajyam’ but that period was marked by the Emergency and the situation of Dalits has remained the same.

Mr Kharge said the upcoming assembly election in Telangana was an important one and the Congress was fighting this election against the corruption by the KCR family, and added, “We are fighting against those who snatched the land of the poor”.

The development which the people of Telangana had aspired to had not happened, he alleged, charging that neither the roads were laid, nor the schools and also irrigation projects were not done.

“But, KCR takes decisions sitting in his farmhouse and never meets the people. Those who never meet the people and are not among the people, never vote for them,” Mr Kharge said, appealing to the people of Telangana to elect the Congress.

Once the Congress forms the government in Telangana, it will set the tone for the rest of the country, he said.

Mr Kharge said KCR, BJP and the Asaduddin Owaisi-led AIMIM were friends and accused the three parties of working and conspiring together against the Congress.

He claimed that when KCR visits the RSS headquarters at Nagpur, he proclaims his friendship with PM Modi. And Mr Owaisi keeps on praising KCR, saying he is his (KCR’s) good friend, Mr Kharge said.

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