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Why You Must Consume Halim Seeds: 5 Surprising Benefits Of Garden Cress Seeds

Why You Must Consume Halim Seeds: 5 Surprising Benefits Of Garden Cress Seeds


We all have heard of the many health benefits of chia seeds and flax seeds. But a type of seed that is often overlooked is halim seeds or garden cress seeds. They are packed with a wide variety of nutrients and they support many organs in their functions. Also known as halim ke beej or aliv seeds, they are nothing short of a superfood. Whether you’re someone suffering from constipation, anaemia, low immunity or menstrual troubles, these seeds are a simple yet effective solution for your problems. What’s more, there is no prescribed recipe for consuming them – that means you are free to experiment and add them to whichever dishes/drinks you prefer. Here is why you should consider incorporating them into your diet:
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5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Halim Seeds:

1. Excellent source of iron
One tablespoon of halim seeds contains 12 mg of iron, which is around 60% of one’s daily requirement. This is why these seeds are especially recommended to those who suffer from anaemia. They are also said to help balance haemoglobin levels.
2. May aid in weight loss
Loaded with fibre and protein, halim seeds are also a great way to ensure that you feel full for longer. This can help combat cravings – a common problem for those on a weight loss diet. They are also low in calories and carbohydrates, thus they can help you shed those extra kilos.
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3. Relieves gut problems

Being rich in fibre means that these seeds are also an effective remedy for constipation and indigestion. It can help regulate your bowel movements and clear your digestive tract.
4. For strong bones
Due to their extremely high content of vitamin K, halim seeds help in strengthening your bones. It can also help those suffering from conditions like osteoporosis. These seeds also contain calcium and folic acid, further promoting bone health.
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5. Good for menstrual health

Halim seeds contain phytochemicals that are believed to help people with irregular menstrual cycles. Furthermore, it is often advised that new mothers consume these seeds, as they can stimulate the production of breast milk.

How to consume halim seeds or garden cress seeds?


Drinking water with lemon and halim seeds is an excellent way to boost your vitamin C intake. Photo Credit: Pixabay

You can add garden cress seeds to your salads, soups and meal preparations. You can also create a powder of it and add it to these dishes or drinks. One of the most common ways to ensure a regular intake of halim seeds is to soak one tablespoon of halim seeds in one glass of water. Keep it overnight and drink it first thing the next morning. You can squeeze a little bit of lemon juice into the glass for an extra boost of vitamin C. Remember that vitamin C helps increase the absorption of iron, so especially do this if you have anaemia. Halim seeds themselves are a great source of vitamin C, which helps boost overall immunity. You can also add these seeds to coconut water or milk.
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