Will US Impose Sanctions on India for Buying Russian Oil? Washington Responds


New Delhi: The United State officials on Wednesday (February 8, 2023) said that Washington is not planning to impose sanctions on India for importing energy from Russia. 

In a briefing with reporters, US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Karen Donfried said, “We are not looking to sanction India. Our partnership with India is one of the most consequential relationships.”

Another US official present in the briefing, US Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources Geoffrey Pyatt, said, “Implementation of a global price cap on energy is an opportunity for countries like India”. 

Pyatt stated that India has used the “negotiating leverage” it gains from the price cap and the fact that a large part of the global market is not accessible to Russia to secure a lower price on crude oil, which is a benefit for the Indian economy.

Both Donfried and Pyatt emphasized that India and US are pursuing the energy security agenda, particularly in light of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s strategy of “weaponizing” Russia’s oil and gas resources. 

The comments came in the backdrop of Ukrainian lawmakers demanding sanctions on India for importing energy from Russia. 

India, notably, has substantially increased its import of Russian oil since the Ukraine conflict began in February 2022.

On the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, Pyatt said that US and India share a “commitment to uphold the international rules-based order and respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty”.

Donfried also welcomed India’s support for the people of Ukraine, including the country’s provision of humanitarian assistance and calls for an immediate end to Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine. 

She also praised India’s leadership role at the recent G20 summit, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called for dialogue and diplomacy.

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