Woman Calls Namak Pare “Salty Fried Pastry Strips.” Internet Gives Hilarious Reactions


We have all encountered people in our lives who have a habit of giving fancy English names to our beloved desi dishes. From calling jalebi “funnel cake”, golgappas “waterballs” to kheer a “rice pudding”, the list is long. While these international names sound amusing, they can also be an invitation for some friendly trolling. A woman, on X (formerly known as Twitter), decided to go sarcastic and called namak pare aka mathri “salty fried pastry strips.” The moment this fancy name hit the Internet, food enthusiasts could not stop themselves but come up with a barrage of hilarious comebacks.
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In her tweet, this woman shared a picture of namak pare and captioned it with a touch of sarcasm, saying, “Dad brought some salty fried pastry strips, why did I never know of this?” 

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But her playful irony didn’t end there. In a follow-up comment, she gave an English name to our beloved desi chai, and wrote, “Had it with a flavourful beverage made by infusing black grains in water and freshly squeezed milk with a blend of aromatic, orgasmic cardamom.”

After reading this post, X users started trolling her one after another.

A person jested, “Itna fancy name hota h iska ab me yaad kr leti dosto ke samne bol ke cool banugi [Such a fancy name for it, now I’ll remember it and impress my friends by saying it in English.]”

A user asked, “Where is the other part of it? The potato stuffed fritter”

Another one questioned, “Aren’t you the kind of person who just likes to make everything complicated?”

“Bruh it won’t hurt your Western vibe if you call it Namak pare”, read a comment

What are your thoughts about this fancy name of namak pare? Tell us in the comments.

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