Woman Puts Hair In Food To Claim Free Meal At Restaurant. CCTV Records Her Act


Some people try tricky ways to get free meals at restaurants. These antics, often captured on social media, make restaurant owners more cautious. Recently, a woman apparently tried to get a free meal at a restaurant by putting her hair in her food and then complaining to the owner. Little did she know, the whole thing was caught on camera. ‘The Observatory’ owner Tom Croft, 32, refunded a customer £12.95 (Rs 1,394.24) after she claimed to have found a hair in her beef roast dinner. However, when Croft checked the CCTV footage to ensure his staff’s hair was properly tied back, he was shocked to discover that the customer had actually put her own hair in the food.
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“We reviewed the footage to see what had gone wrong, in case a member of staff didn’t have their hair tied back or whatever, but then we found the clip,” he told Plymouth Live

The video shows the customer whispering to a man, pulling out a piece of her black hair, and putting it on the plate. Croft revealed that the customer had caused a scene during the complaint, leading to a full refund for the meal. He said, “I was disgusted and angry – very angry. There are people out there who are willing to put a business’ reputation and staff’s jobs at risk for a £12.95 meal. The kitchen team could have then thought it was their fault when they had done absolutely nothing wrong.”
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The pub, maintaining a five-star food hygiene rating, could have faced serious issues without the crucial CCTV evidence. “If we hadn’t found the CCTV footage, then our reputation would be a major concern and a big worry. People don’t want to eat in places where you find hair in food. We have a five-star food hygiene rating and adhere to all the food safety guidelines. But if we hadn’t found the CCTV footage, then it could have quite easily damaged our reputation,” Croft added. 

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