‘You Don’t Know History’: Indian-Origin Journalist Debates Over Kohinoor on UK Show – Watch


New Delhi: In a viral video, an Indian-origin TV journalist was seen debating with GB News broadcaster Emma Webb on the origins of the Kohinoor diamond. This debate emerged again after Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Consort Camilla will not wear the Kohinoor studded crown for King Charles’ coronation. Now, a video of a UK TV debate about the Kohinoor has gone viral on Twitter.  

In the video, an Indian-origin journalist Narinder Kaur argues with Emma Webb about who owns the Kohinoor. While Narinder Kaur said that it should be returned to India, Webb argued that the ownership of the diamond can be disputed. She said, “The ruler was also the ruler of Lahore so is Pakistan going get a claim on it? They stole it from the Persian empire. The Persian empire invaded the Mughal empire so this is a contested object.”

Kaur retorted saying, “You don’t know history. It represents colonialism and bloodshed.” Later, Kaur tweeted a short clip of the debate and wrote, “The Kohinoor diamond was founded in Indian soil. It represents to the British their dark brutal colonial history. They have NO BUSINESS in continuing to benefit from colonisation. The UN recognises the right of a country to reclaim its treasures.”

Last year, the death of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, reignited the demand in India to bring back the Kohinoor. Asked about the demand, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi referred to the government’s response on the issue in Parliament a few years ago.

The Kohinoor diamond was “gifted” to Queen Victoria in 1849 by Maharaja Duleep Singh. It had reportedly been done under duress as Singh’s mother had reportedly been held a prisoner and so he was forced to give it away. 

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