Zomato Shares 5 Artificial Intelligence Hacks With A Hilarious Foodie Twist


A complete meal has several items and each one of them not only offers a unique taste but also serves a special purpose. Snacks work best to deal with hunger pangs or when you just want to munch on something. Starters, meanwhile, help kick start an elaborate feast and sides enhance the overall experience. Touching upon this, food delivery platform Zomato has shared some artificial intelligence (AI) hacks that you must know. No, it does not have to do anything with coding or computers but the company has showcased, through some pictures, what if some foods that we usually eat were AI tools.

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In a LinkedIn post, Zomato shared “5 AI tools for daily use to boost your productivity”. The company strategically incorporated the letter AI in the names of foods in the list. The first one is chAI, which helps “generate practical solutions to complex problems in minutes”. Next comes mithAI, which provides “an emotional support AI tool that adds to user delight.

Take a look at Zomato’s post here:


Wondering what rAIta would do as an AI tool? Well, it can work as an assistant to better manage things on our plate. The creamy and wholesome malAI too serves a purpose. It enhances the flavours of multiple foods and currently makes tikka and chaap tastier. According to Zomato, when it comes to mAIn course, it is the “native meal integration support to provide your daily requirement”.

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Many users reacted to the post and some commented in line with the trend. “dawAI : To get over the after-effects of too much ChAI, mithAI, malAI, rAIta, mAIn course,” a user wrote. Another said, “KadAI paneer is also good 🙂 MahengAI is key to all And after eating all junk, the main AI tool which helps is DawAI :)”  One user appreciated the “super creativity” and wrote, “AI needed after reading this post ‘dawAI’”.

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