5 Genius Hacks to Keep Your Fried Foods Crispy For Long


Some foods taste better when they are crispy, hot, and crunchy. Regrettably, preserving the crispiness of our beloved fried foods can be challenging, especially if you have to serve them in bulk at a party or an event. But fret not! We have decoded the tricks to keep your favourite pakodas and fries perfectly crispy for a long and never succumb to sogginess. Sounds perfect, right? So, get your pen and paper now and take note of the tips to keep fried foods crispy for a longer time.

Why Does Your Food Lose Crispiness? What Is The Science Behind Food Turning Soggy?

According to The Journal of Texture Studies, crusted crispness refers to coatings with a dry and brittle surface contrasting a high-moisture core. This texture is “desirable for the enjoyment and quality of deep-fried goods.” The findings state that those fried foods typically lose crispiness “due to the adsorption of moisture from the atmosphere or water mass transfer from the internal component.” So, the idea is to avoid moisture absorption to keep up the crunchy texture of your food. Let’s find out how.

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Here Are 5 Easy Tricks To Keep Your Pakodas And Fried Foods Crunchy For Long:

1. Wire rack is the saviour:

Whether you air fry the food or follow the traditional deep-frying technique, transfer the fried food immediately to a wire rack to keep up the crispiness for long. Wonder why? It is because the wire rack provides 360-degree air circulation around the entire food item, allowing any excess moisture to escape.

2. Warm in the oven:

We often turn our foods soggy while reheating them. To avoid it, keep your fried foods in the oven, on a wire rack. Then bake it for around 15 minutes. This will help your food retain its texture easily.

3. Avoid reheating in a microwave oven

Do not reheat food in the microwave oven. Heating food in the microwave creates friction between water molecules inside the food, further creating steam. Instead, use a traditional oven, where the dry heat will help maintain the original texture of your dish.

4. Avoid adding sauce to the dish

The best practice is to avoid adding sauce to your crispy dish. And if at all you want to do it, wait until the last moment. Apply the sauce just before serving to retain crispiness until consumption.

5. Pack the fried food mindfully

If you want to pack your fried food for work, first wrap it in a paper towel to absorb excess moisture, then put it in an air-tight container. Also, take your dips and sauces separately to avoid moisture absorption.

Got all your answers? So, what are you waiting for? Follow these hacks and impress your guests with crispy fried foods at the party.

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