5 Glass Jugs Options To Store Juices And Other Drinks


Staying hydrated is the most important factor to keep going and maintaining good health. While water is the utmost important drink to quench thirst, you can try other beverages that not only satisfy your thirst but also keep your body cool. One of them is juice. Extracting juice from fruits and veggies is a time-taking process. To resolve this problem, juice jugs come in handy! These jugs help in storing the juice so that we can enjoy having it whenever we want. You can also store these jugs in refrigerators to keep the juice fresh and intact. If you are planning to buy juice jugs, here we bring you a list to choose from. This list includes good quality and affordable jugs for you to buy. Take a look:

Here’s A List Of 5 Juice Jugs To Choose From:

1. FIMBRIA 1100 ml (Set of 2) pcs-2,Glass jug Pitcher

Let’s start with this combo set of 2 jugs. Made of Tritan material, these jugs are deemed to be durable and long-lasting. Besides, these jugs are high temperature resistant and shock resistant. From storing iced-tea to juices and more, this combo set fits well for almost every drink.

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2. VIKIJO Glass Water Jug with Lid

Next up is this water jug by the brand Vikijo. This jug is made up of high-quality glass material, making it 100% healthy and safe to use. In addition to this, the handle of this water jug is ergonomical, making it easy to hold, store and use.

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3. Jinelza Deli 1800 ML Water Juice Jug Pot

Made of 100% Borosilicate glass and a stainless-steel lid, this jar is deemed to be thin, lightweight and durable. Besides, it is dishwasher safe, break and chip resistant and also has an ergonomic handle for better handling.

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4. Korona Aquatic Glass Jug

This jar can be a modern and elegant addition to the dining table and the kitchen. Besides, this jar also has a stainless-steel airtight lid and also comes with a wide open and filtered mouth so that you can pour the juice and other drinks into the glass without any hassle.

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5. KELVEE 1.3 Liter Glass Pitcher

This juice jar is made with heat resistant Borosilicate glass and has a stainless-steel top with double outlets to pour water, juice or other beverages.

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