sadhguru: Sadhguru to go on solo bike ride from London to India to save soil | India News – Times of India


Amid the high voltage music and dance at the annual 12-hour Mahashivaratri cultural extravaganza at the Isha Yoga Center, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev announced that for 100 days he will be on a mission to save soil. Sadhguru told the audience that he has planned a lone motorcycle ride from London to India, to urge leaders around the world to initiate policy-driven action in their countries to prevent soil extinction. The 30,000-km, 27-nation, 100-day ride, said the founder of Isha Foundation, was “not a protest, or pressure tactics, but an expression of the will of the citizens”.
“These 100 days, every one of you, at least for 5-10 minutes a day, say something about soil. This is important. The whole world should speak of soil for 100 days,” said Sadhguru, as he launched The Save Soil Movement.
He explained that scientists and UN agencies have predicted that the planet has cultivable soil for only up to 55 years and have warned of catastrophic food shortages that could plunge the world into brutal civil strife. In a strong, emotional appeal to the audience to join the movement, Sadhguru said, “Soil is the only magic where if you bury death, it sprouts life. We have come from this soil, we eat of this soil and when we die, we get back to the soil.”

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