5 High-Protein Foods You Should Have In Your Kitchen To Fuel Your Weight Loss Diet


Following a weight loss diet doesn’t mean sacrificing taste or feeling deprived. In fact, a well-balanced diet that includes high-protein foods can help you lose kilos while keeping you satisfied and energised. We have listed down some of the most common high-protein foods that you can easily buy and stock in your kitchen pantry to support your weight loss goals. If you use the NDTV Big Bonus App to buy these healthy foods, you receive gift coupons on your purchases and up to 20% reward on the app. Download the NDTV Big Bonus App from the App Store or Google Play, register on the app and link your bank cards to earn rewards forever. Don’t worry, linking your credit and debit cards to the app is completely secure so you better make the most of your order and earn while you do. 

Here’re 5 High-Protein Foods You Must Buy For Your Weight Loss Diet:

1. Lean Meats and Poultry  

Lean meats and poultry are excellent sources of high-quality protein. Opt for skinless chicken or fish and other such options that are low in fat and packed with protein and other vital nutrients. Add these meats to your meals by grilling, baking, or sauteing for a healthy and protein-rich weight loss diet.  

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Poultry items are rich in protein. 

2. Eggs  

We all know how important it is to have eggs every day. Eggs are not only versatile but also an affordable source of protein. They contain all essential amino acids and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Enjoy them boiled, poached, scrambled, or as an omelette. Eggs make a satisfying breakfast or a protein-packed addition to salads or sandwiches.

3. Curd 

Curd of yoghurt is a creamy and tangy delight that offers a good amount of protein. It’s high in protein and gut-friendly probiotics. For those who don’t have time to make their curd at home, there are plenty of plain, sweetened and flavoured varieties to buy. You can use it as a base for smoothies and pair your typical Indian sabzis and biryanis with it.  

4. Legumes and Pulses 

Legumes such as chickpeas and kidney beans and all kinds of dals are excellent sources of plant-based protein, fibre, and good carbs. They are not only affordable but also versatile. Make regular rajma curry or chana curry, or add boiled legumes and pulses to soups and salads. You can also blend them to create delicious dips like hummus.  

5. Nuts and Seeds  

Nuts and seeds are a treasure trove of protein, healthy fats, and essential nutrients. Almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, flaxseeds, and pumpkin seeds are among the many options available. You can have them as a quick and filling snack or add them to breakfast cereals and smoothies. However, remember to have them in moderation. 

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Nuts and seeds are great for health. 

Add these high-protein foods to your grocery shopping cart and nourish your body while promoting weight loss. Download the NDTV Big Bonus App from the App Store or Google Play, register on the app, and link your bank cards to collect up to 20 % rewards and discount coupons while you shop. Once you link your cards to the app, you will increase your vINR balance forever when you use the same cards. The rewards you get with NDTV Big Bonus, are over and above any amount you receive from any credit card or bank rewards program and this vINR balance can be used to shop at any of the brands listed on the app. 

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