Annoyed with smartphone battery usage? Try these four tricks for a longer battery performance | Technology News


New Delhi: In June this year, an ‘Insights On the Go’ survey was conducted by CyberMedia Research (CMR) to fnd out what people looked for most in a smartphone. When asked about the importance of smartphone features, 61 percent respondents cited battery life as a key consideration, just behind the camera.

Consumers are so much concerned about battery life that they turn down screen brightness (70 percent), turn-on battery saver mode (66 percent), and close battery-consuming apps (63 per cent) and, in extremely critical circumstances, even turn off Wi-Fi (56 percent) and location services (50 percent), the study found.

Keeping the battery aspect in mind, several smartphone brands are flooding the market with powerful batteries. However if you are stuck with a phone that’s battery keeps draining out every now and then, follow certain basic tricks to increase the battery capacity of your smartphone.

Background apps

In most smartphones, several apps are running in background that are responsible for quick drainage of battery. You can manually change this by going to settings and choosing battery usage. Now you can see apps that are running in the background which you might not need. Either force stop those apps or uninstall the unnecessary apps.

Phone location

Check if your phone location is on by default or not. Many apps access your phone location when it is kept on. Make sure to turn your location off when you don’t require it. This will help to keep your battery running longer.

Phone brightness

Keep your phone’s brightness at optimum level for better battery usage. Though several smartphones now come with dark mode feature that saves battery usage.

Screen on time

Keep your screen on time to the minimum possible limit. It means that when you are inactive, your smartphone display will automatically turn off. It is advised that you keep your screen time on for 15 seconds. So after the set time, if your phone is not in use, the display will automatically be turned off.

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