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Radhika Apte on the rising relevance of OTT, her theatre days and living in the present

Radhika Apte

Q. Has OTT given you as big a platform, if not bigger, than films?

I think I was one of the first few to not shy away from OTT or feel like it will damage my image on the big screen. From Sacred Games to Raat Akeli Hai, I have received far more popularity through OTT than I ever did through films. But I have never been married to theatre, TV, short film, film or OTT. It is the content that matters.

Q. How do you think OTT has changed the entertainment landscape?

What OTT platforms have done is give equal opportunity. Massive films would take most number of screens and independent films would get some obscure timing or faraway theatre so people wouldn’t be able to catch them. With an OTT platform you can choose what you want, you don’t pay extra and there are no time restrictions. All that matters is what you make.

Q. During the lockdown, Aasakta Kalamanch streamed some of their earlier plays featuring you. How much has stage informed the actor you are today?

I was with Aasakta for 13 years. It was my education in the performing arts. With films you change a few things, but how you approach a character or break it down, and co-exist with your actors, all that I learned there.

Q. You recently celebrated your 35th birthday. Are you content with the way your career has shaped up so far?

I have changed over the past decade. I know now that nothing is permanent. Setting goals like ‘Oh I need to achieve this by 25 or 40’ is rubbish. While you worry about the future, the present keeps slipping away. I have learned to just enjoy what I have at the moment.


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