Home HEALTH & FITNESS Craving Kachori? Enjoy These Irresistible Chana Dal Kachori For Tea Time

Craving Kachori? Enjoy These Irresistible Chana Dal Kachori For Tea Time

Craving Kachori? Enjoy These Irresistible Chana Dal Kachori For Tea Time


For Indians, evenings are incomplete without chai and delectable snacks. They make for a heavenly match, and we always look forward to enjoying them. Be it a bowl of namkeen, a platter of crispy pakodas, or samosa vada pav, we have endless options to choose from that make our tea time exciting. Another much-loved snack that people enjoy eating along with their evening chai is the classic Rajasthani kachori. Crispy on the outside and stuffed with a spicy filling inside, it makes for an absolute delight to indulge in. We’re sure you’ve had several variations of kachori, but today we’ll introduce you to one that’s made using chana dal.
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What Is Chana Dal Kachori?

Kachori is one of the most popular Rajasthani snacks. It has an irresistible crispy and flaky texture on the outside and a spicy lentil filling inside. Traditionally, it is made using moong dal, but you can literally experiment and use any dal of your choice. This recipe uses chana dal (Bengal gram), which gives it a unique taste. The use of flavourful masalas further enhances its taste. They make for an indulgent tea-time snack and taste best when served with spicy or sweet chutney. Once you make these kachoris, we are sure they’ll become your go-to option during the evening.

Chana Dal Kachori Recipe: How To Make Chana Dal Kachori

Start by preparing the dough for the kachori. For this, add maida, baking soda, salt, oil, and water to a bowl and mix well. Form a smooth dough and cover it with a wet cloth. Keep it aside for half an hour. In the meantime, transfer the chana dal to a mixer grinder to grind it coarsely. You can also add some water if required. To prepare the kachori filling, heat ghee in a pan. Add green chillies, ginger, and cashew nuts. Saute for a few minutes, and then add all the dry masalas, including red chilli powder, garam masala, chaat masala, hing, and dhania powder. Mix well and cook for around 5-7 minutes. 
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Once done, remove from the heat and add lemon juice. Keep the mixture aside and allow it to cool. Now, heat oil in a kadhai. Divide the dough into equal portions and stuff each one with the prepared filling, shaping them into balls. Slowly add them to the oil and deep-fry until they become golden brown and crispy. Your chana dal kachoris are ready to be relished. Click here for the complete recipe for chana dal kachori.

These chana dal kachoris are the perfect snack to savour along with your evening chai. Try making them at home and let us know how you liked the taste in the comments below.


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