From Cashew Tree To The Market: Watch Viral Video Of Journey Of Cashew Nuts


A popular nut that has found its way into many Indian gravies is cashew. Available around the year, the nut has a great shelf life if they are stored properly. The cashew tree has an irregular trunk with large juicy apples hanging down from the branches. At the bottom of these branches are attached the cashew nuts. But have you ever wondered how do these nuts, from the branches of the cashew tree, make their way to the market? A video, which has now gone viral on Instagram, captured the processing of cashews. Reportedly, the clip posted on the Instagram page ‘_heresmyfood’ is from a cashew processing plant in Assam. 

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Watch the full video here:

First, the cashew nuts are sun-dried in an open yard for two to three days. The nuts are rolled over on a regular basis to ensure that they are dried uniformly. This process removes excess moisture from the nuts. Next, the nuts are heated and the outer shell covers are cracked to take out the edible cashew kernel. After this, women sit down to separate the edible cashew kernel, and also open the nuts with their hands.

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The peeling process takes place to remove the Testa (outer skin) adhered to cashew kernels by making them go through compressed air as well as brushing them. After this, the final cleaning process takes place where women sit to separate the impurities from cashew kernels. 

Next, the cashew kernels are roasted in specially designed ovens maintained at 70 degree Celsius and voila, the cashews are ready to be sold in the market. 

People lauded the workers who despite coming from different communities were harmoniously working together. However, some raised eyebrows about the hygiene of the place as well as the procedure. 

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