Will Make London Carbon Zero City By 2030: Mayor Sadiq Khan At London Tech Week


The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is known for his radical approach in fighting climate change. His move to implement a ‘congestion tax’ from vehicles in the City of London was received with a mixed response. But there’s no denying the fact that London has one of the greenest and accessible public transport networks in the world. Speaking at the London Tech Week, Mayor Sadiq Khan said that “London’s public transport network is envy of all”. He went onto to say that he has made his Mission to make London net zero city by 2030.

Khan said that technologies like Artificial Intelligence not only helps the transport network to reduce congestion, but the data collected makes the overall system the best in the world. He said that London has all net zero buses and 13,000 electric vehicle chargers, making it among the greenest transport networks in the world. Khan quipped that walking, public transport and cycles are enough to go around in London, and there’s no need for vehicles. 

In his keynote speech, Sadiq reaffirmed UK PM Rishi Sunak’s stand where he declared London as a top destination for international tech business. “New data from London & Partners showing that London has attracted more than 1,700 new international tech firms – more than the likes of San Francisco and New York,” said Khan.

London is also home to a growing climate tech sector, enabling further innovation for the path to Net Zero. Sadiq went on to share some of the transformative ways that data and technology are helping to tackle the triple threats of air pollution, climate change and congestion.      

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “London is at the forefront of cities globally in using data and technology to reduce congestion, improve air quality and public transport. This important review will gain independent insight into what more needs to be done to make London a climate resilient city as we harness the power of our thriving tech industry to make London a better, greener and safer city for all.”    

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