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Heard Of Muhammara Dip? Enjoy This Spicy Red Pepper Dip With Pita Bread

Heard Of Muhammara Dip? Enjoy This Spicy Red Pepper Dip With Pita Bread


Are you on the lookout for a different dip to enjoy? Are you tired of pairing your pita bread with hummus? Do you want a spicy spread that is easy to make? If yes, then you have to try Muhammara. This dip/ spread is generally considered to be of Middle Eastern origin. It is an innovative and wholesome way to cook red bell peppers or capsicums. You can scoop up Muhammara with pita bread, lavash crackers, potato chips and so on. What’s more, you can make it at home using everyday ingredients. On mezze platters at restaurants, you might spot this red dip next to hummus and tzatziki. Don’t confuse it with red hummus though – Muhammara is quite different!

Why You Should Try Muhammara Dip | Difference Between Muhammara And Hummus

It has a smoky flavour

While hummus is typically made using chickpeas, muhammara contains roasted bell peppers and toasted walnuts. These ingredients lend the dip a lovely smoky flavour that makes it stand apart.

It is spicy to taste

Plain hummus is only lightly flavoured with sesame and basic seasonings. But Muhummara is spicier since it uses chilli flakes/ powder and other ingredients that pack extra heat.

It derives its freshness from pomegranates

Muhammara gets its distinctive tangy hint from pomegranate molasses, which is made by boiling the fruit’s juice with lemon juice and reducing it to a syrup. If you don’t have this at home, don’t worry! You can easily make it yourself or substitute it with other ingredients as shown below.

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How to Make Muhammara Dip At Home | Easy Recipe for Muhammara Spread

  1. Cut red bell peppers in halves and deseed them. Char them in an oven or over a stovetop. They need to soften but not be burnt all over.
  2. Transfer to a covered bowl to cool. Later, slice them and add the strips to a blender/ mixer.
  3. In the blender, add olive oil, toasted walnuts, lemon juice, breadcrumbs, chilli powder, chilli flakes, cumin powder, salt to taste and pomegranate molasses. Some people also add a bit of tomato paste for extra tanginess. Blend the ingredients well to form a smooth paste.

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  1. You can substitute the molasses with pomegranate juice, sugar and a little extra lemon juice. However, you may need to add extra breadcrumbs to thicken the mixture.
  2. Transfer the dip to a bowl. Garnish with crushed walnuts, olive oil and pomegranate seeds.

Click here for the full recipe and ingredient list for Muhammara Dip.

You can store this dip in the fridge for later use too. It is full of fresh and wholesome ingredients, so it is also great for your health. Tasty, nutritious and attractive – what more can we ask for? Try making Muhammara dip today!

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