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Kickstart Mango Season With A Twist! Try Out This Korean Mango Milk Recipe Today

Kickstart Mango Season With A Twist! Try Out This Korean Mango Milk Recipe Today


The mango season is back, and we can’t keep calm. Just the thought of savouring sweet and juicy mangoes has got us drooling already. Just like us, we are sure all you mango lovers out there must be excited as well. Aren’t you? The best part about this fruit is that you can incorporate it into so many different things, be it ice cream, cheesecake, sorbet, or milk. And it tastes incredibly divine in each of them. Mango milk, for example, is quite a popular choice for many during the summer months. Now, you must’ve tried regular mango milk several times, but have you ever tried Korean mango milk? This unique beverage makes for a delicious summer drink and requires only three ingredients to make. Are you intrigued to know what this drink is all about? Read on!
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What Is Korean Mango Milk?

Korean mango milk offers an interesting twist to regular mango milk. The addition of tapioca (sabudana) to it is what makes it so distinct. They add a unique texture to the milk and also make it quite visually appealing. The mango puree is first added to the glass and then topped with ice, milk, and tapioca, unlike mixing them all together in a traditional mango milk recipe. It offers a super creamy and smooth texture and is a must-try for mango lovers.

Is Korean Mango Milk Healthy?

The healthiness of this milk depends on various factors. Mangoes are a good source of dietary fibre and are also rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Speaking of this, we must not ignore that they also have a high sugar content, so moderation is key when preparing and consuming this milk. The recipe calls for adding sugar, but you can totally skip adding it to make it healthier. All in all, Korean mango milk is healthy, but you must exercise portion control while enjoying it.

How To Make Korean Mango Milk | Korean Mango Milk Recipe

Korean mango milk is super easy to make and is quite refreshing. The recipe for it was shared by Instagram page @diningwithdhoot. To make it, start by blending roughly chopped mangoes in your blender. Keep aside some to add as chunks later on. Then, add sugar and blend nicely. Once done, pour the pureed mango into a tall glass and refrigerate for some time. Crush some ice cubes and add them over the puree. On top of this, add the mango chunks that we kept separately. After this, you need to top them with boiled tapioca. Finally, top them with milk and enjoy! Your Korean mango milk is ready to be relished.
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Watch the detailed recipe video here:

Try making this delicious milk at home and share your experience with us in the comments below.

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