Lawyer Forgot To Turn Off Camera, Caught Eating On Official Call; See Hilarious Reactions


The video of lawyer eating lunch on video call amused the internet.


  • A lawyer was caught eating lunch on video call.
  • He apparently forgot to log off from the call or switch off the camera.
  • The video is getting some funny reactions on Twitter.

Virtual meetings are the ‘new normal’ with major corporate discussions to parties with friends, everything happening remotely through video calls. With the Coronavirus scare still looming large, many companies and government organisations are still holding their team meetings through video call apps. These virtual calls obviously make work life easier for people working from home, but there is always a risk of messing it up if you don’t use these properly. There have been many embarrassing and laughable incidents we came to know of when someone forgot to switch off their microphone or camera and went about doing their usual chores not realising others in the calls could hear or watch them.

Internet is full of such hilarious goof-ups. The latest one to take over social media and entertain us all is the one where a lawyer forgot to log off from a video call before having his lunch on the desk. And yes, you guessed it right; others in the virtual court session could see him gorging away without him knowing what was happening. What was even more embarrassing for the man was that the meeting was being convened by the solicitor-general of India, Tushar Mehta, who witnessed his mistake in all its glory.

Here’s the video:

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This video was posted by a man named Mayur Sejpal on Twitter. The video shows a lawyer. In it, a lawyer (from the Patna High Court), Kshatrashal Raj, ate his lunch in full view, without knowing the call was still going on and the SGI was watching him. The SGI finally called him personally and told him about it. His instant reaction leaves you in splits.

The SGI also said, “Yahaan bhejo,” asking him jokingly to send his food over. This was followed by bouts of laughter by other viewers.

Needless to say, the Twitter video is being spread and shared on the internet. It has already clocked in more than 70k views and counting.

Some funny Twitter reactions include –

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“I envy him for eating with aplomb and not staining the beautiful ‘Rin ki chamatkar’ white shirt,” one user joked.

Another one added, “How innocent. Food is important for the brain to function properly. In love with this soul. Respect his work and his life too.”

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