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Love Snickers? Now Make A Healthy Version Of It At Home With This Recipe

Love Snickers? Now Make A Healthy Version Of It At Home With This Recipe


There is no denying the fact that chocolates define indulgence in the true sense. Be it during the day or at night, when sweet cravings tend to strike, a bar of chocolate always comes to our rescue! If you’re someone who has a sweet tooth, we are sure you’ll have plenty of chocolates stocked in your kitchen cabinet. Be it a simple bar of Dairy Milk or any fancy chocolate that your relative got from abroad, we make sure we never run out of chocolate supply. Speaking of our love for chocolates, one chocolate that is quite famous is Snickers. This milk chocolate consists of peanuts, nougat and caramel, and tastes heavenly! However, as much as we love relishing this chocolate, it is heavily-priced and is made using unhealthy ingredients.  

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But what if we tell you that you can now make Snickers chocolate at home? Yes, you heard us. Here we bring you a healthy version of your favourite chocolate that tastes as good as the regular one, or even better. This homemade version of Snickers is creamier in texture and is made using dates instead of processed sugar. Make these yummy bars at home and impress your friends and family. This recipe will certainly be a hit among kids as well. Check out the recipe below: 


Homemade Snickers Bar Recipe: How To Make Homemade Snicker Bar 

First, we need to make caramel. For this, add dates in a bowl of boiling water and leave it for around 20-25 minutes. Now, drain the water and transfer the dates to a mixer grinder. Add peanut butter, vanilla essence and salt. Blend well to make a smooth caramel sauce. 

Transfer to a bowl and keep aside 1/4 of the mixture. To prepare the bottom layer of the bar, add oats and the caramel mixture that we had kept aside to the grinder. Grind well till a dough-like structure form. 

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Now, take a rectangular baking tin and line it with baking paper. Spread the oats mixture evenly on it. Gently press it using your fingers and top it with the caramel sauce. Garnish some sliced peanuts on top and freeze for around 3 hours. 

Once done, slice the prepared bar into even slices. Dip them in a bowl of melted dark chocolate and transfer to a baking paper. Freeze for about an hour before serving. Homemade snickers bar is ready! 

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So, what are you waiting for? Try out this recipe at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below. 


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