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People Share Cooking Tips That Are A Game Changer For Them; Take Notes

People Share Cooking Tips That Are A Game Changer For Them; Take Notes


Those who are new to cooking may face a lot of trouble. There are so many things to figure out. From managing the spices, figuring out the texture and taste of particular ingredients, taking care of different utensils, and so much more, these things can often overwhelm a person. And this is not the case only for new cooks but also for expert cooks. Cooking can be challenging, but there are many ways to overcome these difficulties. So, if you are in search of some tips to help you with everyday recipes, recently, a Reddit user asked people about things that are a game changer for them in cooking. Here are some fantastic tips that you can also follow. Check them out below:

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Cooking Tips Shared By People On Reddit:

1. Preserve vegetables

“It just recently occurred to me to start doing this, and I started doing it with most of the veggies I buy. As long as you spread them out in a single layer on a nice sheet pan, they freeze up quickly, then bag them up and label them properly; they don’t lose much appeal. And I can stop wasting half the vegetable.”


2. Control acidity of a dish

Learn how to control the salt and acidity of a dish. The right balance makes just about anything taste better, and acidity is often overlooked. You can add salt with a few pulverized anchovy filets or a bit of soy sauce, even if the dish isn’t Asian. It also gives it umami that regular salt doesn’t provide. For acidity, the lemon is the star for me, followed by sherry or cider vinegar. The acidity balances out salt and also brightens up heavy dishes. For instance, I always add a bit of lemon juice to my roast chicken pan gravy.”


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3. Use Parchment Paper

“Parchment Paper. Cooking chicken breast, bone-in, wrapped tightly in parchment paper is the thing that made me think I can cook. It’s the juiciest chicken ever. Almost impossible to overcook it. It is great for fish too.”

4. Invest in kitchen appliance

“Rice cooker and air fryer are amazing. I’ve saved so much time on roasted potatoes using the air fryer than when I had to wait for the oven to preheat. It’s also amazing when it’s hot as hell outside, and the last thing you want to do is turn the oven on for some things.”


5. Sharpen the knives

“My personal game-changer was buying a whetstone and sharpening my own knives! It sounds simple, but I never understood the significance of a sharp knife versus a dull knife.”

6. Make cooking fun

“Mise en place. Having my ingredients chopped, diced, measured, and ready to go changed cooking from feeling stressful and chaotic to fun and satisfying.”

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7. Grow herbs

“Growing my own herbs. Having access to fresh herbs for cooking all the time is such a game changer.”


So, the next time you cook, do keep these handy tips in your mind!


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