Turn Mid-Week Blues Into Foodie Delights: 3 Mushroom Fried Rice Recipes To Lift Your Mood


Weekdays, for most of us, are all about busy work schedules and meeting targets, alongside managing daily chores at home. In between, we often miss out on the essence of life, family and friends around and the realisation can often be gloomy. What do you do then? Plan a sudden meet-up with friends or a movie session at night with family? If you ask us, we love whipping a delicious dinner and unwinding with our close ones. For many of us, cooking is therapeutic and the end result of the process gives ultimate satisfaction. But that doesn’t mean we get to spend hours preparing these yummy meals in the middle of the week. Instead, we opt for smart recipes that can be prepared without much hassle and you will find many such options all around.
Today, we will take you through one such recipe that holds one of the top spots on our list of hassle-free recipes. It’s a simple yet flavourful mushroom fried rice that you can have as is or pair with sides of your choice.
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How To Make Mushroom Fried Rice For Mid-Week Indulgence:

As the name goes, it is rice, tossed with a handful of mushrooms, some sauces, spices and herbs. That’s it. We like it simple, but you can always go as creative as you want with the recipe. Here, we will demonstrate three different versions of mushroom fried rice to help you make a choice as per your preference. Read on.

Recipe 1: How To Make Classic Mushroom Fried Rice:

For this recipe, you just need to boil rice with salt and oil. Then saute mushroom and celery in a pan with soya sauce, chilli sauce and vinegar. Mix the rice, stir and adjust the salt. That’s it. You have a delicious meal ready in not more than 30 minutes. Click here for the recipe.

Recipe 2: How To Make Burnt Garlic Mushroom Fried Rice:

For the ones who want to take their culinary explorations a step ahead, here’s a recipe to try. Heat oil in a wok and saute chopped garlic in it. To it add spring onions, mushrooms and some vegetables of your choice. Then add salt, black pepper and some other condiments and stir everything well. Add rice, mix and serve hot with a garnish of spring onion and burnt garlic. You can prepare this meal in just 15 minutes. Click here for the recipe.
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Recipe 3: How To Make Mushroom Brown Rice:

If you are a health enthusiast and wondering how to enjoy this dish while on a diet, then fret not. We have a solution for you too. Here’s a healthy version of mushroom fried rice that includes brown rice in the recipe. All you need to do is, saute the mushroom and some other ingredients in butter or olive oil, and add washed brown rice to it. Cook everything together until the rice is ready and enjoy hot. Click here for the detailed recipe.

Which of the above options would you go for? Make a choice and enjoy a delicious meal to bid adieu to your mid-week blues.

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