Viral Now: Gordon Ramsay Sings Hilarious Song For Bizarre Cooking Video


Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has done it again! We know him as a reality show judge, an amazing chef, and a restaurateur as well. But what we absolutely adore is when he shares witty reactions to cooking videos on the internet. Chefs and bloggers share their interesting and unique dishes with Gordon Ramsay, and he then reacts to them in his own hilarious way. This time, Gordon Ramsay made a departure from his usual style of quick wit and harsh criticism, and instead sang a hilarious song while reacting to a bizarre cooking video. Take a look:

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The video was shared on @gordongram, which is Gordon Ramsay’s official Instagram handle. It has raked in over 3 million views and 162k likes since the time it was shared. “I hope my song helps his cooking,” he wrote in the caption.

The bizarre cooking video that Gordon Ramsay reacted to was a one-pot meal. First, a layer of of meat was topped with slices of bread along with sausages. Cheese and mushrooms further went in the next layers, but chef Ramsay had seen enough and he burst into a song. “Please stop the cooking, because everybody’s looking. That looks like a pile of S#!t,” sang Gordon Ramsay in the video.

This is not the only time that Ramsay has reacted to cooking videos from the internet. In one reaction video, the celebrated chef shared a clip of hot lava being poured on a hot dog. “Seriously? Why would you do that,” he questioned in the reaction. Take a look:

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