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Watch: How To Make Sukha Bhel Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Style

Watch: How To Make Sukha Bhel Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Style


What comes to your mind when we say bhel? Let us agree, there is no one particular answer to it. Bhel has always been a matter of debate among Indians. While it is a crunchy street food to some, others find it super healthy. To some, it has over-the-top spice level, while some abhor the idea totally. Whatever it is, bhel is one popular Indian snack that holds a special place in our hearts, despite the emergence of fancier tit-bits. If you have still not been introduced to bhel, then let us tell you – bhel is a mix of puffed rice, spices, sev, nuts and more that is easily available at every nook and corner of the country. You will also find regional variations of bhel – jhalmuri being one popular instance to mention.

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What we love the most is that bhel follows no strict recipe; in fact, it is prepared with various concoctions of spices. Some add extra lemon juice, some add saunth (meethi chutney). Some also like adding papdi to the bhel recipe. We found a sukha bhel recipe that includes dry khatti-meethi spice, puffed rice, nuts and more. This recipe has been shared by celebrated chef Sanjeev Kapoor on his Instagram handle. Take a look.


Quick And Easy Recipe: How To Make Sukha Bhel For Evening Snacking:

Start with making the sukhi chutney for the bhel. To make the chutney, add dry roasted

chana dal, ginger, curry leaves, coriander leaves, salt, roasted jeera, amchoor powder and green chilli in a spice jar and grind together into a coarse powder. The dry chutney is ready.

You can store it in an airtight jar for at least 15 days.

Now take murmura (puffed rice) in a bowl, add nuts, sev, onion, tomato and other ingredients of your choice. And the spice mix, some oil, papdi and mix. Eat it instantly to enjoy it to the fullest.

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While this sukha bhel recipe can be replicated as is, you can also customise the flavours of the spice mix and the ingredients in the bhel recipe as per your palate.

Watch The Recipe Video Of Sukha Bhel Here.

Such an easy and amazing recipe; isn’t it? For more such amazing bhel recipes click here


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