Winter Special: 7 Chai Recipes That Will Help You Beat The Cold Waves


A nice cup of tea is just what we need on a chilly winter day. Isn’t it? Chai is not only comforting, but also helps us stay warm during the season. Whether you are a hardcore tea lover (or not), you end up sipping more than one cup of tea in this weather. What we enjoy the most are the varieties of tea we get to try. There’re masala chai, Tulsi tea, ginger tea to name a few. These beverages are warm, comforting and enrich you with several health benefiting properties. Here, we bring you few such soothing tea recipes that will load you up with nutrients and help sail through the season. Read on.

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Here Are 7 Chai Recipes To Include In Your Winter Diet:

1) Masala Chai:

If you are a tea lover, there’s hardly any chance that you don’t obsess over masala chai. There’s nothing more exciting than sipping on this flavourful concoction of milk, tea, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, water and Tulsi leaves when the temperatures are going down. Right? Find the recipe here.

2) Turmeric Chai:

You don’t like drinking haldi milk? Fret not. Just move to turmeric tea. This is also known as detox haldi tea as it has some amazing detoxing properties also. Turmeric tea helps in building immunity which in turn, keeps the seasonal flu or other infections at bay. Click here for the recipe.

3) Ginger Garlic Tea:

Ginger and garlic make for an important part of Indian cuisine. However, have you ever tried this magical combo in the form of tea? Well, try it out then! This amazing tea packed with the flavours of ginger and garlic is good when you want to build immunity and even for weight loss purposes. Recipe here.

4) Hyderabadi Dum Chai:

If you are bored with your regular tea, just go for this recipe. Although popular in Hyderabad, this tea can be prepared at home. Its creamy and rich texture will surely tantalise your taste-buds. It will amp up your chai experience leaving you craving for more. So, what are you waiting for? Just make this at home today! Find the recipe here.

5) Adrak Wali Chai:

Who doesn’t like adrak wali chai when it’s freezing outdoors? This delicious tea brimming with the flavour of ginger works like a warm hug this season. Don’t you agree? So, if you can’t bear the cold, just go and make yourself a warm cuppa of adrak wali chaiand enjoy. Click here for the recipe.

6) Kashmiri Noon Cha:

This chai finds its roots in the beautiful land of Kashmir. However, now that you cannot go all the way to Kashmir to savour this tea, there’s a way you get a similar experience just by sitting at home. To make this, you need rose petals, some whole spices, chopped almonds, pista and baking soda. Recipe here.

7) Kadha Chai:

This tea is perfect in this season when your body can easily catch a cough and cold or even seasonal flu. This works like a herbal tea made with a whole lot of ingredients that are packed with medicinal properties including tulsi, lemon, honey, cardamom, black pepper, and cloves among others. Click here for the recipe.

Next time when you crave tea, don’t forget to refer to this list.

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