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Wow! This German Pineapple-Slicing Machine Will Mesmerise You

Wow! This German Pineapple-Slicing Machine Will Mesmerise You


There is no dearth of creativity and innovation on the internet. We often catch glimpses of gizmos and technology that make the most Herculean tasks seem like a cakewalk. Recently, one such machine has left the internet impressed. A video of a pineapple-slicing machine that is claimed to be from Germany has surfaced online. Rather than being operated by a human, the machine is fully automatic, much to the internet’s surprise. The clip has already gone viral and mesmerised the internet with its smooth operations and the ease with which it is completing the entire process. Take a look at the full video here:

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The video was shared on Twitter by user @processvideoz, where it received over 645k views and 18.7k likes. “Pineapple slicing machine in Germany,” wrote the user in the tweet.

In the clip, we could see the user keeping a full pineapple in the machine. Then, the portion size of the pineapple was selected with the help of a button. The levers and the gears of the machine were then set into motion. Within a matter of minutes, the pineapple was sliced into small pieces and served in a small plastic tub! How convenient and hassle-free, right?

Twitter users were indeed surprised to see this automatic pineapple-slicing machine from Germany. The fact that it was completely automated and did not require any human intervention was the icing on the cake. “What is this magical machinery and is this normal in Germany,” asked one user. Some also spotted the word ‘ananas’ written on the machine, which is the same as what it is called in India too. “Watching on a loop,” said another user.

Take a look at the reactions:

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