Dhanurasana – The Bow Pose

Dhanurasana-The Bow Pose

Dhanu means bow, asana means pose. Dhanurasana or The Bow Pose, the word drove from the two Sanskrit words. This pose improves the flexibility and functioning of the central portion of the spinal column. The functioning of nadis and muscles of the lower abdomen is improved. Yoga poses reduce heaviness and increase agility. It also helps to eliminate arthritis, diabetes, and all the disorders of the spinal column.

In Dhanurasana one has to raise the two halves of their body at once, this posture is the combination of the two YOGA postures, that is  Locust and Cobra, as well as countering the forward bend and plow. Similar to the string of the bow, one can use their arms and hands in order to pull their legs and trunk up together for forming the curve. This pose tones the back muscles as well as maintain your spine’s elasticity, increasing vitality and improving posture. You can balance the entire weight of your body on the abdomen also minimizes your abdominal fat. Along with this, it also keeps your reproductive and digestive system healthy.

Dhanurasana gives a lot of health benefits, but also provides the internal organs an excellent and powerful massage. At first, you will really find it simple to lift the knees with your legs apart. This is one of the most important and highly preferred yoga posture well known for its advantages and health benefits such as treating asthma, weight loss, increasing supple and flexibility, strengthening your lower back, and this Yoga Poses improves the spinal column.

The Bow Pose

Before starting this posture, exhale completely. While raising the body up, inhale deeply and during holding pose continue slow inhale and exhale. While exiting the pose exhale deeply. Continue this pose from 15 to 20 seconds for good result.

Caution: Not recommended for those who suffer from high blood pressure, back pain, migraine, headache and females should not perform this pose during the pregnancy and monthly period.


  1. Improves body flexibility
  2. Helps to eliminate arthritis
  3. Controls diabetes
  4. Good to get rid of spinal column disorders
  5. Cures Ashtama
  6. Cleans blood
  7. Improves kidney health
  8. Helps to lose weight

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