How To Make Vada Kombda – A Unique Combination Of Vada And Chicken Curry From The Konkan Region


How To Make Vada Kombda - A Unique Combination Of Vada And Chicken Curry From The Konkan Region

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Indian cuisine’s vast repertoire of regional delicacies never fails to impress us. Don’t you agree? From the coastal cuisine of south India to the flavours of Konkani regions of Maharashtra, there is just so much to explore. So while we can all still drool over north India’s butter chicken and Hyderabadi biryanis, let’s also not forget how amazing the Konkan curries are!

The region comprising the coastal areas of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka boasts of a cuisine that is mostly influenced by the traditions and culture of the three states. Thus, seafood like prawns, crabs and fish, coconut and local spices are some of the main ingredients used across Konkani delicacies. Non-vegetarian dishes dominate the cuisine and oh how delicious each of it is! From grilled fish, fish fry to prawn temperado, you will never run out of options. One such unique Konkan dish is Vada Kombda – a mouth-watering combination of chicken curry and south Indian vadas!

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While vadas are a simple south Indian staple that is loved across Indian homes, the uniqueness of vada kombda lies in the lip-smacking chicken curry in which the vadas are dipped and served. The curry is a smooth interplay of fiery local, homemade spices with coconut, tomatoes and chicken.

How To Make Vada Kombda | Vada Kombda Recipe

The recipe of vada kombda is quite simple but it’s the ingredients that require time to prepare. The chicken curry is made with a host of spices which involves a homemade kala masala as well. The kala masala is an aromatic and rich mix of all things from cumin, cardamom, cloves to star anise, mace and nutmeg. The curry is cooked till thick with a mix of kala masala , poppy-sesame seeds, onion-tomato paste along with grated coconut tossed with chicken. It is served by topping it over the crispy vadas in a bowl.

Find the full recipe of Vada Kombda here.

Try this Konkani chicken curry with vadas at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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